2 in 1 Plantable Maiden Pinks Bookmark

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Plant 1 Bookmark, Keep 1 Bookmark!

~ A painting of the wildflower, Maiden Pinks, is on the vellum top bookmark painted by me, copyright 2022.

~ The plantable bookmark underneath is made of natural white handmade paper with pink and yellow flexed infused with 6 varieties of wildflower seeds: Baby-blue-eyes, Maiden Pinks, Bird's eyes, Black-eyed Susans, Catchfly and Sweet Alyssum.

~ The 2 bookmarks are held together with cotton cord.

~ 7" x 2"

~ Comes in a compostable sleeve

Planting instructions:

** Detach seed card bookmark.
** Soak your card in water for a few hours.
** Fill a flowerpot about 3/4 full of potting soil. Place the card on top of the soil and cover with about 1/8" of more soil.
** Put your pot in a sunny window or a sunny spot outside. Keep moist. Seeds should germinate in 3-10 days.
** It's important to keep the seeds moist. They may not germinate if they dry out.
** This paper contains 150-400 seeds per 4 square inches

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