Molly and the Mermaids - Molly y las Sirenas: Bilingual Children's Picture Book English Spanish (Paperback)

Molly and the Mermaids - Molly y las Sirenas: Bilingual Children's Picture Book English Spanish Cover Image
By Buffie Biddle (Illustrator), Ingo Blum
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Save The Magic Flower This Is The Perfect Bilingual Children's Book to Teach Your Kids English or Spanish

Are you a parent or a teacher who wants to help kids learn a new language?

Are you looking for kid's books that are fun, heartwarming, and educational?

If so, this book is just what you need

This bilingual children's story is about Molly the sea cow. Molly just wants to have her tummy tickled in a field of corals. With her friend Rufus the stingray, she sets off on an exciting adventure. On their way through the ocean, they meet Paula the mermaid. What a wonderful company But soon they need to save Paula and her family from some mean swordfish and a giant octopus who steals something that created the whole beauty of the colorful coral reef: a Magic Flower. Are Molly, Rufus, and the mermaids able to get the Magic Flower back before it is too late?

This is a story of friendship, team spirit, and trust, and it's told in a creative and imaginative way. Your kids will want to read it again and again

Here's what makes this book special:

  • Each line is both in English and Spanish and kid-friendly
  • The story is simple and suitable for early age learning
  • All the watercolor illustrations are original, creative and super fun

Kids learn quickly and easily. With bilingual children's books, you set them up for success and expand their horizons from an early age If you and your children like courageous animals and light-hearted jokes, then you'll both love this charming story.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781791362232
ISBN-10: 1791362230
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 10th, 2018
Pages: 36
Language: English